Do You Really Need Brand New Car Parts?

The starter on your vehicle is going to need to be replaced. You can tell by the noise it is making, that it will not last much longer. Are you going to take it to a mechanic? Can you do the job yourself? If you plan on doing the job yourself, you will face some decisions. Besides having the proper tools, you may need to search for car parts. Here are some things worth knowing.

So Many Choices
You may face several decisions while looking for the right part. You can search for a starter at a parts store website. Put in information asked for, and you will see starters that fit your car. It may pull up a list of several that will fit. Which one do you buy? Some are re-manufactured and some are new. Some have a short warranty and others have a lifetime warranty. How do you make the right decision?

Deciding On New Or Re-Manufactured
Some parts have a core charge. This is common with re-manufactured parts like starters. You pay the core charger upfront. When you turn in your used part, it is refunded. If you bring your old part with you at purchase time, there will be no core charge incurred. This is assuming that the old part can be rebuilt. In some cases, like brake shoes, they can be damaged to the point of no repair. In that case, you would not be refunded the core charge.

used auto parts

Where Does My Used Part Go?
Your old part is sent to a facility to be rebuilt. It will eventually be back in a parts store; clean and ready to go.

Never Used Before
New parts are parts that have not been rebuilt or used before. Everything about them is new. They will usually cost more than their rebuilt counterpart.

Which Warranty?
Are you going to trade your car in on a new one soon? A LLT or limited lifetime warranty may be wasted, in that case. If you want to keep your car for a long time, it could be a viable option. The longer warranty will probably cost more money, but it can be your best option. Whenever a LLT part fails, you can take it back and get another part. A good rule is to read all warranties, to be sure of what rights you may have.

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