GMAT test is a way to check your command over Math, English and algebra geometry

GMAT exam is necessary for a student who aspires to get admission in business schools abroad. Business schools look at the GMAT score and the work experience of the student. The academic record and the supporting material is also needed by these schools. GMAT exam needs command over basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry, data analysis, and grammar. The students should be able to analyze and evaluate the material which is given in the question paper. They should be able to think critically and solve problems.

The steps involved in the way to answer a question are –

  1. Focus on the critical and thinking skills
  2. The student should be able to reason the idea behind a question.
  3. They should be able to analyze it. GMAT preparationneeds complete dedication and devotion by the student. The student should organize his working schedule as this would make him disciplined.

The GMAT question paper has the following format-

  1. Analytical writing assessment
  2. Integrated reasoning
  3. Quantitative reasoning
  4. Verbal reasoning

The student is allowed to choose the order before the exam. The analytical writing assessment is an essay section that has to be attempted in 30 minutes. The child is marked on a scale of 0 to 6. This section contains another part which is the analytical writing section. The essay section is given a score by a human grader and a computer grading system. If both scores are the same then scores are given instantly.

The integrated reasoning has twelve questions with multiple parts. There are multisource reasoning questions, graphic representation, two-part analysis questions too. The time allotted for this part is 30 minutes. The score ranges from 1 to 8. Quantitative reasoning has 14 to 15 data sufficiency questions and 16 to 19 problem-solving questions. There are a total of 31 questions. The time given to attempt this part is 62 minutes. The score ranges from 0 to 60. Then is the quantitative and analytical knowledge of basic Math, algebra, and geometry. Verbal reasoning has 36 questions. There are12 reading comprehension related questions, 10 critical reasoning questions, and 14 sentence correction questions. The score ranges from0 to 60. The verbal section needs a command of standard written English.

How a student has to answer the questions requires special skills. The computer assumes that the student is having an average score so the questions on the computer screen are of medium difficulty. If you answer correctly the level of difficulty increases and questions are more difficult. It happens the reverse if you answer the questions incorrectly the level of difficulty decreases. The marking and level of difficult question are based on an algorithm which calculates the ability of a student on the right or wrong answers you are giving. The difficulty level increases if you give a correct answer.

The GMAT preparation aims at beating the algorithm of ability level. It prepares you for the test. The student learns time management while attempting the questions only by exam preparations. Nature of question paper does not allow the student to skip any question and pace oneself to attempt maximum questions in stipulated time. They should maintain a balance between spending the valuable time in answering the difficult questions correctly. In doing so they tend to run out of time. Though there is no negative marking. The students are not penalized for leaving the questions unanswered. They can’t jump to the previous question.


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