How To Stop Smoking Weed – 3 Highly Successful Tips To Stop You Getting Sucked Back Into The Habit

I would hazard a guess that one of the main problems most people face when they try to stop smoking weed is the probability of getting sucked backed in – or a relapse. How easy is it to just have one quick puff? Surely, it can’t do any harm, can it? Unfortunately, many marijuana smokers have had the habit for years, and therefore being drawn back into weed addiction is extremely hard to ignore. Buy Marijuana Online

This is especially true if you have not prepared yourself for the tough journey ahead. So, if you really want to know how to stop smoking weed for good, and if you don’t want to get drawn back into your old marijuana habits, just follow these three simply, but highly effective tips:-

1) Stay as far away as you can from weed – I realize that this is an extremely obvious statement, but it still amazes me how many ex-marijuana smokers  Buy Marijuana Online  fail to follow this simple advice. Giving up weed is not simply about no longer buying it, but also avoiding the places where you know it is easily accessible to you. You should definitely not visit the places you used to smoke it, as it makes perfect sense that if you have nothing to smoke you are more likely to have a far better chance of quitting.

2) Keep a close eye on things you naturally associate with smoking marijuana – We all have situations that automatically trigger a need for weed. Marijuana Strains  I used to love smoking weed straight after a meal, whereas I had friends who would smoke a joint first thing in the morning. You may even have certain items of clothing that you always wore when smoking weed, or met with specific people in a particular place.

The problem is as soon as you are confronted by any of these places or reasons you will automatically feel the need to smoke some marijuana. In fact, I will go as far to say that you may have a real craving for it when faced with any of these scenarios. Your initial goal when looking to stop smoking weed is to identify the things, people and places that trigger your need for pot, and then do all you can to avoid them. If temptation is in your way then you will have to do all you can to escape it. Buy Weed Online USA

3) Find new friends who don’t smoke cannabis or marijuana – I guess this is the most obvious way to avoid getting sucked back in to smoking marijuana. Unfortunately, your old friends, no matter how good, will always put temptation in your way, and must therefore be treated as a bad influence. You will actually find meeting new friends is a lot easier than you think.

I would suggest that most people have a surge of new found confidence in the first few weeks of quitting smoking weed. You start to lose those feelings of anxiety and paranoia typically brought on by marijuana, and this can improve your outlook on life no end.

When you finally do make new friends, and once you believe you can trust them tell them about your addiction and the fact that you have been sober for a period of time. This doesn’t mean that you will never be able to see your old friends again, but you will soon discover that many of these “friendships” were solely based of your mutual addiction.


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